Gift of Hope

CONCEPT The “Give the Gift of Hope” campaign is intended to bring awareness to the Toys for Tots program and encourage donations. The target audience of this campaign is middle and upper class people who can afford to give a toy during the holiday season. Therefore,the campaign has a more upscale attitude to appeal to this audience. A handwritten typeface and warm photographs are used to invite viewers in and create a friendly atmosphere. These ads could run in more traditional print media, but also as social media campaigns. The use of #DropAToyInTheBox as a call to action works in two ways. First to actually drop a toy in the Toys for Tots boxes, and second to share about doing so on social media. This sharing on social media spreads the message to more people at no additional cost. The majority of the campaign would run from mid-October until late December. Additional pieces would be published in December as a last minute reminder to donate, and after Christmas into January as a thank you. DESCRIPTION Print Ad - Full Color, 8.5” x 11” Billboards - Full Color, 48’ x 14’ Social Media Posts - Facebook & Instagram

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