CLIENT The MUTT (Mid-Michigan Ultra Team Trail Race) is a team race that consists of various differences through wooded trails. As a new race style, The MUTT has been gaining in popularity. Therefore, the race was in need of a consistent and easily recognizable brand. CONCEPT A custom look is created by combining upper case and lower case letters and manipulating other letter forms. The tree glyph and color selections represent the fact that this event occurs in wooded areas. Also, the tree is four tiers to represent the four distances of the race. The client described these races as “the dirtier, the better” so it was important to portray that through the texture. I then went on to apply many of the same features to a monogram, which would be used more as the race becomes more recognizable. On the event pieces, the logos are enlarged and turned at an angle to be bold, fun, and work as art.

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